Tommy Hilfiger Impact 150ml Body Spray

Tommy Hilfiger Impact 150ml Body Spray

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TOMMY HILFIGER IMPACT Spark is a fragrance that, like a new idea in its earliest, most exciting stages, opens with a bright boost of Italian bergamot, lemon oil and Italian bitter orange, paired with hints of addictive green fig and violet for added freshness. Tommy Hilfiger Impact Body Spray, 150 ml, is a fragrant and sweat-repellent spray deodorant for men.

Tommy Hilfiger Impact Body Spray deodorant has the same wonderful aroma as the fragrance of the same name, so they make a perfect pair.

The properties of the deodorant are that it leaves a long-lasting feeling of freshness as well as providing a feeling of comfort and cleanliness.


In the middle, layered with powerful citrus notes, Green Tea notes provide an unexpected and crisp vertical intensity, while Cardamom offers a spicy rush.

Ambrofix, a trio of luxurious cedar woods and Akigalawood® provides a smooth, sensual finish and leaves an addictive and captivating aftertaste.

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