Living Proof Hair Transformaton Kit Hydration & Repair 4 Piece Mini Giftset

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Introducing the Living Proof Hair Transformation Kit - Hydration & Repair 4-Piece Mini Gift Set, your ticket to revitalized, luscious locks. This carefully curated kit includes all the essentials for a hair makeover that will leave you feeling confident and radiant.

Inside the kit:

  • Restore Shampoo (30ml): Gently cleanse and breathe new life into dry, damaged hair. This shampoo's moisture-balancing formula works its magic to reveal hair that looks and feels visibly healthier with every wash.

  • Conditioner (30ml): Unlock the secret to silky smoothness with our moisture-balancing conditioner. It complements the shampoo perfectly, providing the essential hydration and nourishment your hair craves.

  • Hair Mask Treatment (10ml): Treat your tresses to a spa-like experience with our Restore Repair Mask. This potent silicone-free treatment is a game-changer for dry, damaged hair, mending and rejuvenating for a lasting softness, vibrant shine, and unparalleled smoothness.

  • Conditioning Detangling Spray (50ml): Say goodbye to knots and tangles with our featherweight Conditioning Detangling Spray. More than just a detangler, it infuses dry, damaged hair with a burst of hydration, making your locks appear and feel healthier from root to tip.

Experience the transformational power of Living Proof's Hydration & Repair kit, specially designed to rescue and revitalize your hair. Unleash the beauty of healthier-looking hair with every use.

Get ready for a hair journey like no other – get your kit today and embark on the path to gorgeous, revitalized locks!

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