Diesel Spirit Of The Brave Intense 50ml Edp

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Adorn yourself with the crisp and bold scents within Diesel Spirit of the Brave Intense. The fragrance opens with memorable top notes of juicy Apple Accord and ripe, sharp Bergamot, evoking sun-kissed and adventurous visions of exploration and wanderlust, allowing you to truly embrace your urge to see the world and break the mould.

Such a powerful opening conjures images of dominance and independence, while heart notes of smooth Cypress and rich, opulent Clary Sage offer an element of balance and clarity, reminding you of the hard work and responsibility that make up the modern man. People need you, depend on you, and the strong, solid heart notes are a constant reminder of that.

The fragrance is finished with base notes of Dry Amber Accord, sweet and alluring Vanilla and delicate Patchouli. The intriguing cocktail of base notes encourages you to embrace your vulnerable side, allowing you to realise that being sensitive and in-touch with your emotions is the most important thing of all, balancing you out as a truly rounded human being.

Encased in a luxurious gold-toned, fist-shaped bottle, exuding power and confidence, the fragrance is destined to be an eye-catching addition to any scent collection. The bottle is finished with a branded ‘Diesel’ ring accessory at the knuckles, along with brand ambassador Neymar Junior’s striking lion tattoo, highlighting durability and determination. Now available at Cosmetics Corner.

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