Philosophy Amazing Grace Gift Set 60ml Edt + 240ml Bath Shower Gel + 240ml Body Emulsion

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philosophy inspires beauty beyond skincare with products that transform, results that instil confidence and wisdom for wellbeing. The words on the packaging are philosophies on life and their philosophy on skincare is simple: cleanse daily, peel weekly and treat the skin with expert formulas, returning the skin to its ideal state. philosophy's life-enriching products help you look and feel your best and help you to confidently seize each day.

Take comfort in layers of philosophy amazing grace shower gel, firming body emulsion and classic eau de toilette with this limited-edition set.

This limited-edition fragrance gift set features 3 luxurious ways to take comfort in the iconic soft floral fragrance, universally loved and lauded for its easy wear and classic beauty. Philosophy's fan-favourite shampoo, bath & shower gel and firming body emulsion make for a divine self-care duo; amazing grace eau de toilette perfume provides the perfect finish in this fragrance gift set.

Award-winning soft floral fragrance
Limited-edition fragrance set of 3 luxe formulas for layering or enjoying individually

To use: Apply gel to wet body or scalp. Lather, rinse, repeat. Or, drizzle a generous amount under running water to enjoy a luxurious, scented bath. Follow by massaging the firming body emulsion onto skin. Finish by spritzing with eau de toilette.

Set includes:
- philosophy Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette 60ml
- philosophy Amazing Grace Shampoo/Shower Gel 240ml
- philosophy Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion 240ml

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